• Nov 21, 2017
  • by Barbara Marques

Regardless of what your traditions are and what holidays you celebrate, the holiday season is a busy time for everyone. It is manageable, though, and doesn’t have to negatively impact your spiritual, emotional and physical health. Healthy eating, staying active, getting plenty of restful sleep are helpful tips year-round—but they bear special emphasis this time of year.  

Being proactive about stress management will help you live a better life on many different levels. Add some extra Serenity to your water this season, to help you feel at peace and...

  • Nov 21, 2017
  • by Barbara Marques

Have a glass of Serenity to be in a peaceful state of mind
Handcrafted to help you feel at peace and tranquil. The flower essences used in Serenity include Wallflower for improved sharing and communication, Twin Flower which promotes compassion for yourself and others and Silver Birch for feelings of flexibility and understanding.

Wallflower - for improved sharing and communication
Being conscious of the quality of the water energy around us and within is a step to enjoying a...

  • Oct 31, 2017
  • by Barbara Marques

Discover the power of the flower essences used in Conscious Water’s Rejuvenation.

Handcrafted to help you feel alive and ready for anything. The flower essences used in Rejuvenate include Fuchsia for a sense of fun and joy, Snowdrop for willpower and determination and Goatsbeard to strengthen your creativity. Discover more about the power of flower essences:

Fuchsia - for a sense of fun & joy
Uniting the pure energy of water and handpicked flowers, Conscious Water flower essences invites you to take a...

  • Oct 23, 2017
  • by Barbara Marques

To help you feel alive and ready for anything this week add some Rejuvenation to your water and your week. The flower essences used in Rejuvenate include Fuchsia for a sense of fun and joy, Snowdrop for willpower and determination and Goatsbeard to strengthen your creativity.

Rejuvenate for the upcoming week
Keep up the vibe from the weekend with 
5 tips on how to make the most of your day and to rejuvenate for the upcoming week!

Create a great place to work
A good work environment enhances learning,...

  • Oct 02, 2017
  • by Barbara Marques


"I’m a mum of two beautiful young kids. One active boy and one adventurous girl. 
Over the years I’ve became a chameleon, transforming from loving wife to responsible mother to fun friend in seconds. Being a mother is a rewarding gift, but not always easy. In the hustle and bustle of the day, slowly but surely, I started to forget there was one more person in the equation. I’d completely forgotten her. It was me.

I was so preoccupied with providing for others emotionally and...

  • Mar 22, 2017
  • by Nadav Gordon

Is living without ego concepts (thinking patterns in our minds) is at all possible, and how letting go of each ego concept would feel. This question misses the point of psycho-spiritual work. At this stage, we are not discussing the experience of living without any ego concepts but the idea of having a choice. Right now, an ego concept intervenes, pulls you away from the experience as it is, and provokes a reaction. The entire process is automatic. You have no say in it. By practicing meditation, yoga, or any...

  • Mar 01, 2017
  • by Eliran Milo

Yoga is an extremely popular practice these days. Millions practice it all over the globe, with great benefits. The list below is intended to provide you with support for you your yoga practice. Following these 10 pointers would enrich your yoga practice, making it more effective and enjoyable.


1. Arrive early to class; rushing in, breathing heavily, feeling stressed for being late, are not a conducive beginning to class. Arriving early would also enable you to easily apply the following point.

2. Meditate before class. It doesn’t have to...

  • Dec 13, 2016
  • by Stacy Fassberg

Let us make a little experiment. You will need pen and paper, and may wish to invite the people around you to participate as well. When you are through reading this paragraph, take a close look at the picture of the clock above. Watch it for 60 seconds and then look away from the image and follow the instructions that appear after the image.

Now, take a few minutes to draw the clock you have just watched. Include in your drawing every detail you remember.

When you are through, go...

  • Dec 05, 2016
  • by Stacy Fassberg

When I teach the topic of emotions and meditation I discuss the fact that meditation is very helpful when it comes to engaging with negative emotions. These emotions are a natural part of our human experience: waves of sadness, pain, jealousy, and anger are there to remind us that we are alive, and that we still have unresolved questions to address. At that point, meditation becomes a valuable tool to engage with these emotions. In a psychological study conducted by Sauer and Baer in 2012 two groups went through a...

  • Nov 21, 2016
  • by Stacy Fassberg

Why are we trapped in patterns that keep repeating themselves? Past experiences and conditioning have gradually created in your mind a list of rights and wrongs, a series of understandings, expectations, and attitudes that define your Ego Formed Self and shape its building blocks. When you face certain situations – at work, with your partner, or with your family – your Ego Formed Self kicks off preconceived reactions, organised responses that reflect a certain aspect of it. We are rarely able to choose our response; the response is already there...