Love yourself first

By Barbara Marques

"I’m a mum of two beautiful young kids. One active boy and one adventurous girl. 
Over the years I’ve became a chameleon, transforming from loving wife to responsible mother to fun friend in seconds. Being a mother is a rewarding gift, but not always easy. In the hustle and bustle of the day, slowly but surely, I started to forget there was one more person in the equation. I’d completely forgotten her. It was me.

I was so preoccupied with providing for others emotionally and physically it was just “easier” to look after myself when I had more time. But every day that passed, there was neither magical bonus hour nor enough time just for me.

I guess I’m not alone when I say we can continue in this “survival mode” for a long time. But it comes with a cost. The once relaxed and loving person I was changed into a short tempered and anxious woman that I barely recognised.

One day a friend gave me some sachets of Conscious Water to try – they’d helped her sleep. Instantly I was drawn to Love. Their Love pack flower essences harnesses the subtle powers of Snowberry for being in the moment, Easter Lily for nurturing the heart, and Lily of the Valley for simplicity and innocence.

Within a few days I started to take a moment to sit down, have a few minutes for myself and set my intention to be patient and loving with everyone. I was surprised how soon things changed. In the mornings I tended to focus on getting everyone dressed and checking my to-do list, but I began pausing every once and while and simply enjoy my beautiful family. After a few weeks I noticed I simply had more patience with my kids. I felt more kindness towards my husband too.

Conscious Water made me realize that when I fill my own jar of love I have more to share with others. Sometimes all you need is that one small change, every day, to change your week, your month, your year, your life."

With love and gratitude,

Michelle, 42, Office Manager, London