Easter Lily

Native to the southern islands of Japan, the Easter Lily is a radiant flower that promotes authenticity and encourages self-expression from the heart centre.


A symbol of purity, the Snowberry is a century-old varietal that invites the peaceful acceptance of life as we know it, with an optimistic, open heart.

Lily of the Valley

Found in the Northern Hemisphere, the delicate and sweet-scented Lily of the Valley flower promotes joy, simplicity, and self-love.


Found in tropical and subtropical regions around the world, the Fuchsia promotes self-actualisation, positive change, and welcome new beginnings.


Brilliantly white in colour, the Snowdrop is a beautiful woodland flower that invites delight, enthusiasm, and the joyful exploration of experiences.


The delicate petals of the Goatsbeard flower boost immunity, encourage imagination and fantasy, and relax the body, mind, and spirit.

Blue Camas

Native to Northern America, the rich royal blue petals of the Blue Camas enhance clarity and consciousness, to optimise rational and intuitive thinking.

Blue Lupin

Known as a sundial flower because its bright leaves follow the sun, the Blue Lupin promotes clarity and precision, pointing one in the right direction.

Ox-Eye Daisy

A symbol of focus and persistence, the Ox-Eye Daisy’s bright white petals invite visionary perspective, supporting big picture goals and dreams.


Originally from Southern Europe, the Wallflower promotes self expression, supporting one in communicating authentically with grace and ease.

Twin Flower

An ancient woodland bloom, the Twin Flower is celebrated for its natural ability to nurture, magnifying compassion for oneself and others.

Silver Birch

Sacred in Celtic mythology, the Silver Birch invites new beginnings and supports one in being flexible and open to new opportunities.


A cheery flower found in Northern Europe, the Narcissus is known for its ability to alleviate worry, ease overthinking, and quieten the mind.

Grape Hyacinth

Natural to Southeastern Europe, the Grape Hyacinth promotes inner calm, supporting the body, mind, and spirit in unwinding for the night.


Celebrated as a “spiritual tonic,” the mountainous Windflower exudes natural grounding properties, promoting the experience of inner security and calm.

Nootka Rose

The Nootka Rose and its sweet scent connect one to a higher self, expresses a love of life, and promotes celebration, joy and laughter.

Purple Magnolia

Originally from New Zealand, the Purple Magnolia and its tulip-shaped petals elevates our spiritual connection and enhances all five senses.


Providing a burst of tropical flavour, Lychees are naturally sweet and jam-packed with Vitamin C, minerals, and healthy antioxidants.


Known for their irresistible scent and delicate taste, Roses are a universal symbol of love and are thought to be nature's aphrodisiac.

Dragon Fruit

Exotic and rich in natural antioxidants,
Dragon Fruit grows on a climbing cactus and is believed to strengthen the immune system.


Jam-packed with vitamins, antioxidants, and fiber,
Strawberries are thought to improve heart health and boost overall wellbeing.


Rich in fiber and health-giving antioxidants,
Apples have long been promoted as an essential part of daily health and wellbeing.


The delicate flower of the Elder Tree,
Elderflower is naturally antibacterial and has been central to immune boosting remedies for centuries.

Green Tea

Made from Camellia sinensis leaves,
Green Tea is known to improve brain function and promote optimal mental alertness.


Naturally refreshing and rich in antioxidants, Spearmint is said to optimise hormonal balance and improve memory.

Orange Blossom

Citrusy in taste and seductively sweet in scent,
Orange Blossom is chosen for its natural ability to soothe, calm, and relax.

Pink Lady Apple

Subtly sweet and rich in Vitamin C,
Pink Lady Apples are believed to boost the immune system and combat fatigue.


Celebrated for its natural relaxation properties,
Lavender is a go-to choice for calming the body and mind to improve sleep.