Conscious Water Reviews

 Conscious Water Reviews

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still the best . Still drinking it.

Still the best hands down. Love it . Would highly recommend. If you have not tried this yet you should you wont be disappointed.

A beautiful & delicious way to connect with nature daily.

A little bit of happiness every day. I always look forward to having my sachet of flower essence each day. It's a beautiful, delicious & uplifting way to connect with nature each day, even in the colder months. I have been really enjoying the happiness pack & will look forward to purchasing more.

Taste okay but texture is a little odd

These sachets are easy enough to use and taste okay (not a very strong taste at all), but they make the texture of the water feel a little oily and unpleasant.

still drinking it still loving it.

this is the best product i have found and im still using it . Have tried others but this is the best hands down . Love it . I have them to suit my mood. Would highly recommend . No nasty after taste unlike the others. Been using this since they started and although i don't purchase them as much as i used to i will be now.

Celeste Coles
A great addition to my water to give it much greater appeal and help me to be healthier!

I received the variety pack as a gift for Christmas and found it really helped me to drink more water as I get so bored of it though know I need to drink much more to keep healthy! I found it really worked so I recently decided to buy myself another pack and went for the variety pack again because I enjoyed trying the different flavours - they're all so good so I couldn't possibly choose so didn't want to stick to just one flavour!

still drinking it still loving it.

this is still the best alternative to sugary drinks . Never tire of this . Just choose the flavour to suit your mood. Dont take my word for it try this for yourself . I guarantee you will not be disappointed. x no nasties all natural.

Another order !

These are such beautiful sachets of CW. I have purchased more of the boxed set of 12 servings. I will give them as gifts for Christmas and birthdays. Also, they are special gifts for friends who are sad or recently bereaved or just in need of a " hello i am thinking about you" .
I love the way they are packaged too, tissue paper wrapped inside, looking so pretty and so convenient as the flat pack pops through a letter box!

On show

This a such a pretty box to display in my treatment room . It is wooden with a lovely opaque glass lid that can be left up so the contents can be seen .
The little sachets are clearly stored for my clients to choose the one they are drawn to and there are individual wooden stir sticks. I feel they certainly fulfill the hygiene conditions we have to adhere to these days.. one handed squeeze into the glass and stir!

Hilary Norman
In lockdown

I have used these wonderful flower based essences for a long time but right now I am finding them so very helpful. I choose the one I feel an affinity with at any set time and infuse my very being with its intent. These are anxious times but the gentle action of the flowers help to calm me and the water I need to cleanse and sustain me is made so much nicer.

Joana Dias

Lovely packaging and service. I had tried this before last year on a yoga retreat in Cornwall. It gives the water a very light flavour without giving it artificial flavouring. It really helps me to remind myself of drinking more water throughout the day.

Thank you for such wonderful care with this order. I have already placed a new order to try other flavours.

love love love

i have been buying this ever since it was launched . i find it the best alternative to just plane old water as i cant dring flavoured ones due to having sweetener in it. I just cant say enough about this . you hab=ve to try for yourself . You wont be disappointed. x

Rebecca de Broglio
Not Just a Drink - It's an Intention

When I first found out about Concious Water, my first thought was, "What an incredible idea!" I received a variety pack of Concious Water. I noticed that a lot of people in their review mostly talk about the flavors of the water, but I swiftly found out it was more than that... Every day, I would observe my family and give them the Concious Water that I thought they needed. If my siblings were overly anxious and excitable, I gave them Serenity. If my parents were in a more depressive mood, Happiness was swiftly added to their filtered water. However, what really made me realize just how effective Concious Water is, was the Love one. My father is a very affectionate man, but rarely gets flowers for my mother. I gave my father Love one morning. By 12 o'clock, my father had went and hand-picked a bouquet for my mother and was smothering her in kisses. What's interesting is that he normally doesn't do this, and he hadn't known that he had drank the Love Concious Water; I only told him at the end of the day! After seeing these effects on my famil and myself, I would gladly buy from this shop regularly! However, I wish that this shop would sell in the United States as well, they would definetely make a lot of profit there!!

A case of marmite

I recieved the product listed above and tried it to the exact measurements described on the package. I unfortunately didn't feel too keen on the product however my fiancee and mother absolutely loved it! I will probably buy this as a gift for them in future.

Fantastic Service and Product

I was so impressed not only with the product itself but the customer service from Conscious Water - so personal and immediately rectified an error. The sachets are a wonderful addition to plain water which provide a subtle but powerful enhanced taste. Would highly recommend this company and product to anyone and everyone!

Water with a sophisticated edge

I was given these at a wonderful meditation, yin yoga and sound bath retreat I went to recently. I enjoyed the subtle yet invigorating flavours so much that I purchase some for myself and family.

Great product

Strongly recommending

Fantastic product

I absolutely love the product and have gifted it to my mum who's also been a fan. They make you feel great and support you when you need support if that's at work or with relationship or even in this heat they have been soothing and helped with my sleep.

Set your intention, to drink more water!

I received a sachet of 'Happiness' in a gift box and, although I don't buy into the "science" behind flower essences and water vibration memory, the sachet adds a lovely, subtle flavour to water making it very easy to drink. I dislike most squashes or cordials as they are too sweet, and have to avoid adding citrus to water due to problems with my tooth enamel, so I was inspired to buy the variety pack and was pleasantly surprised. You'll struggle to keep to just one a day if you are planning on making them last (they are a tad expensive, but cheaper than buying a tea or coffee on your break). The only flavour that hasn't grabbed me immediately is Serenity. All the others are great though. Give these a go and I am sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Breath of Spring

Not usually a fan of this kind of thing but saw it advertised in a magazine and decided to purchase a taster pack to try and I was not disappointed - the taste is lovely and refreshing and not overpowering - would highly recommend trying it - I certainly am glad I did


These are, one and all, delicious to add to water. I drink a lot of sparkling water, prefer it to tap water, and it is truly lovely. The taste and smell - I shall be buying more. I bought the Variety Pack and I am not sure if I have a preference for any of them, love them all!

Serving Wood box Variety
Jacqueline Gant

Loved all of the flavours, couldn't understand how they were supposed to be opened but enjoyed the overall quality

Amazing Product

I bought this product few days ago and it was amazing, the light taste and the feeling after drinking it.
Made my day in those past days.
Great Idea.

Amanda G
livens up boring water

As someone who doesn't drink nearly enough water as I like some taste, these are perfect to slip in a bag for travelling. The flavours are subtle but very luxurious feeling. Even smell lovely. Definitely happy with the purchase.

Serving Wood box Variety
Daisy Broadbelt
3rd order!

My new guilty pleasure. My third time of ordering. Not only makes water taste so delicious but helps to lift your mood too.

Dear Daisy,

Thank you for your comment!
We are delighted to hear that you feel uplifted by the experience.
Hope you have a lovely day lasting peace.

Leaked sachet

I have ordered conscious water several times as I am very fond of it but this time one of the sachets had leaked meaning I couldn’t use that one and unfortunately made the others sticky on the outside.