What is Conscious Water?
Created to empower you to drink more water, more consciously, Conscious Water provides functional hydration for intentional living. Each liquid infusion features a proprietary blend of natural fruit and flower botanicals that enhance the taste of fresh water, boost your wellbeing, and support you in practicing mindful living.
Where is Conscious Water created?
Featuring natural flower essences that are sourced and handpicked around the world, Conscious Water Liquid Infusions are formulated with care in the United Kingdom.
How does Conscious Water contribute to a better future for us all?
Here at Conscious Water, sustainability is part and parcel of everything we do. We believe that sustainability is a conscious choice and we do our best to make better choices daily—in support of one another, and our shared planet.
What are flower essences?
Utilised for thousands of years by Australian Aboriginals, and then in other parts of the world, such as Ancient Egypt, Asia, India, and South America, flower essences were first introduced to the Western world in the 1930s by the English physician, Dr. Edward Bach. Bach prepared 38 flower essence “remedies” by floating flowers on the surface of a bowl of water for hours, under direct sunlight. This process “imprints” the energy of the flower into the water and is the exact process that Conscious Water uses today, to ensure you enjoy flower essences in their most natural and most powerful form.
How do Conscious Water flower essences work?
Flower essences contain the vibrational energy of the flower(s), which then absorb into your body by way of fresh water. As with all science and metaphysics, when energy fields are heightened, more of the same energy is produced. In the same way, by infusing your body with the energy of what you want, you attract more of what you want; even without simultaneously utilising the power of the human mind. When you do add the power of your mind into the equation, the work of flower essences amplifies.
Why are flower essences used in Conscious Water?
Prepared in the “laboratory of nature,” flower essences are an important part of the emerging field of holistic wellbeing that is increasing in popularity today. Natural and subtle, flower essences provide vibrational energy—energy that resonates in harmony with the unique flower(s) used in each infusion. For example, the flowers used in Conscious Water Love transmit a vibration of love, to support you in opening your heart to attract and receive more love. Importantly, flower essences never force something to happen, they simply enhance what you desire, which is why flower essences are most effective when used consciously, and why we promote intentional living here at Conscious Water. That said, whether or not you are consciously aware of the power of flower essences, or whether or not you focus on your desired intention while drinking Conscious Water, the flower essences in each infusion will still support and empower you to attract more of what you want into your life.
What does it mean to live intentionally?
To live intentionally means to go about your day deliberately, with your goals, dreams, or purpose in mind. Rather than “unconsciously” going through the motions of daily life, when you live intentionally you focus your thoughts on what your heart desires, utilising the power of the human mind to manifest such desires.


What ingredients are found in Conscious Water infusions?
Conscious Water contains wild flower essences and pure botanical extracts. There are absolutely no artificial flavours or preservatives, and every ingredient is natural, safe, sustainable, Vegan, sugar free, caffeine free, and low calorie. For a complete list of ingredients found in each infusion, please visit our Ingredients page. (Link to Ingredients Page)
Why do you use vegetable glycerin?
Flower essences are optimal in their liquid form and are traditionally preserved in alcohol or vegetable glycerin. Striving to uphold tradition and ensure that our infusions remain pure, without the use of artificial preservatives or alcohol, we selected the highest quality, food-grade, Vegan vegetable glycerin—a completely natural carbohydrate used to keep products fresh that follows FDA guidelines and is safe for everyone.
How do I use the liquid infusions?
Enjoying Conscious Water is as easy as 1, 2, 3. First, you fold the single serving in half. Next, you squeeze the contents into 250ml or more of fresh water (depending on your taste preference). Then, you stir swiftly, breathe deeply, and sip intentionally. It’s designed to be easy, so you can drink mindfully at home, and on the go.
How is each liquid infusion packaged?
Every Conscious Water infusion is individually packaged for purity and convenience; making enjoyment easy, both at home and on the go. Featuring single-handed-opening technology, each 4 ml (0.13 oz) 4 x 8 cm (1.5 x 3 in) liquid infusion sachet is made with sustainable materials.
How much water should I use?
Our suggestion is 250ml per liquid infusion, but we know that taste is a personal preference, so we leave it completely up to you. Enjoy each infusion as you desire!
Can I enjoy multiple infusions per day?
Yes! Conscious Water Liquid Infusions are safe, natural, vegan, sugar free, caffeine free, low calorie, and suitable for frequent daily consumption. In fact, each Conscious Water Liquid Infusion is created to support you in hydrating more frequently, and more effectively, in order to boost your overall wellbeing.
Is Conscious Water safe for diabetics?
Yes! While Conscious Water contains pure vegetable glycerin, which is naturally sweet, it is sugar free, low calorie, and safe for diabetics to enjoy, however, as with all product consumption, please consult your doctor first.
Is Conscious Water safe to drink while pregnant and breastfeeding?
Conscious Water contains no artificial flavours or preservatives and is safe for consumption, however, as with all product consumption, please consult your doctor first when pregnant or breastfeeding.


What forms of payment do you accept?
Conscious Water accepts all standard forms of payment, including credit and debit card, Apple Pay, and Google Pay.
How do I track my order?
Once your order is placed and processed you will receive an email with the tracking number and delivery details. You can expect this email to arrive in your inbox within 1-2 days of the order being placed.
When can I expect my order to ship?
We work hard to ensure that every order ships promptly and most orders depart Conscious Water Headquarters within 5-7 days of the order being placed. We also offer an expedited shipping option at checkout, should you wish for an order to be expedited.
When can I expect my order to arrive?
Order arrival estimates are determined by your delivery destination and are provided at checkout. You can track the status of your order by clicking the link provided in the shipment confirmation email.
What is the Conscious Water return policy?
As a brand committed to consciousness, we want to ensure you are completely satisfied with your order. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us and we will do our best to make it right. Please note that while we gladly accept returns of unopened merchandise, we are unable to accept returns of opened infusions.
I need assistance with my order. Who do I contact?
A Conscious Water team member is standing by to assist you. To contact us, please email If you need assistance with an order, please include your name and order number in your email.


How much is shipping?
Shipping costs are determined by the delivery destination and are calculated at checkout. UK Orders over £50 ship free.
What countries does Conscious Water ship to?
Conscious Water is going global. We currently ship throughout the UK and Europe, as well as to the United States and Canada.


When will my monthly subscription order ship?
Monthly subscription orders are prepared and shipped the same date each month, based on the date you subscribed. If you signed up for your Conscious Water subscription on the 3rd of the month, for example, your monthly order will be prepared and shipped on the 3rd of each month.
What day of the month will I be charged for my subscription?
Monthly subscriptions renew on the same date each month, based on the date you subscribed. If you signed up for a Conscious Water subscription on the 3rd of the month, for example, your subscription will automatically renew on the 3rd of each month, unless you wish to pause or cancel your subscription.
Can I pause or make changes to my monthly subscription?
Of course! You will always have complete control over your Conscious Water subscription and you can pause or make changes to your infusion and quantity preferences at any time. To do so, simply log in to your Conscious Community account and make your desired changes.
Can I cancel my monthly subscription at any time?
Yes, absolutely. We understand that lifestyle needs and preferences change. If at any time you wish to cancel your Conscious Water subscription, you may do so by logging in to your Conscious Community account and following the steps to cancel your subscription order. Please note that subscriptions must be cancelled within Insert Number of Days before your monthly renewal date, to ensure the cancellation is processed prior to your next monthly shipment.