Maintain a sense of Serenity during the holidays

By Barbara Marques

Regardless of what your traditions are and what holidays you celebrate, the holiday season is a busy time for everyone. It is manageable, though, and doesn’t have to negatively impact your spiritual, emotional and physical health. Healthy eating, staying active, getting plenty of restful sleep are helpful tips year-round—but they bear special emphasis this time of year.  

Being proactive about stress management will help you live a better life on many different levels. Add some extra Serenity to your water this season, to help you feel at peace and to keep you in a state of tranquil. The flower essences used in Serenity include Wallflower for improved sharing and communication, Twin Flower which promotes compassion for yourself and others and Silver Birch for feelings of flexibility and understanding.

Conscious Water shares 5 daily habits for how to maintain a sense of Serenity during the upcoming holiday season:

1. Listen to your inner voice

It is essential to just give yourself a break. This can be done through meditation, yoga, writing, or being outdoors. Even if it’s just a few moments of silence when you first wake up. Allow yourself time to think and listen to your inner voice.

2. Pace yourself

Don’t rush. This day and age is all about moving fast and multi-tasking, but it’s best to handle things oppositely when life is chaotic. Handle everything that comes your way one at a time. Remember to breathe, and deal with 1 situation at a time.

3. Give thanks daily

When your alarm goes off, before you even get out of bed, close your eyes and think about the ways in which you’ve been blessed. Consider the most basic gifts that you have: a job, good relationships, your home, your clothing, your health. Make a point of acknowledging every good thing that happens to you.

4. Practice acceptance 

Accept others for who they are. Accept your situation for what it is today. Do your best at your job, and make your home as beautiful as possible. Appreciate that you have work and a place to live. Then do what you can each day to get your dream job or home in the future. Acceptance isn’t stagnation. Acceptance is understanding what you can and cannot change.

5. Be kind to others

There is no scenario in which being unkind to others will benefit you. Instead, be consistently kind. Build others up. Be helpful. You will find that by doing those three things, you’ll be at peace with yourself because you will actually like yourself.

Need a little bit more help to get through this holiday season in peace, try Conscious Water’s Serenity.