Flowers of the Intention: Rejuvenation

By Barbara Marques

Discover the power of the flower essences used in Conscious Water’s Rejuvenation.

Handcrafted to help you feel alive and ready for anything. The flower essences used in Rejuvenate include Fuchsia for a sense of fun and joy, Snowdrop for willpower and determination and Goatsbeard to strengthen your creativity. Discover more about the power of flower essences:

Fuchsia - for a sense of fun & joy
Uniting the pure energy of water and handpicked flowers, Conscious Water flower essences invites you to take a moment for yourself each day and replenish the good within you. The fuchsia flower, used in Rejuvenation, adds a sense of fun and joy to your life. Follow your joy on the way to Rejuvenation.

Goatsbeard - to strengthen your creativity
Flower essences are carried in water and bring the pure energy of nature into our bodies. They nurture our sense of wellbeing by balancing  our emotions and serving as a silent catalyst for change. Goatsbeard, a flower used in Rejuvenation, strengthens your creativity. It will help to inspire you and refresh your creative mind.

Snowdrop - for willpower & determination
Flower essences gift us a natural way of shifting our body’s flow of energy by helping us release negative thoughts and beliefs, focus our attention, and sleep better. The snowdrop flower, one of the flowers used in Rejuvenation, benefits your willpower and determination. It will boost your productivity and desire to achieve your goals.