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Love 18 Pack
Love is a luscious word that gives us a warm glow inside. The sweetest feeling as you melt into someone’s arms. It is an intangible emotion whose effect is palpable. It could be the ardent love of a partner, the undying love for family, the love for fellow humans or the love for Mother Earth. Our flower power helps unlock and spread the love you have inside. 
Happiness 18 Pack
Happiness is the laughter that reverberates through your body and lifts the spirits of those around you. It is the smile that creates a sunnier outlook. A simple, yet incredibly powerful emotion that makes the world a brighter place. There is a sublime feeling of positivity when you give and receive happiness. Our flowers will take you to your happy place and awaken your joy.
Rejuvenation 18 Pack
Our life path twist and turns, and along the way, we create a web of experiences and assumptions that stop us from seeing the world afresh. We lose touch with our inner spirit and forget to connect with our youthful vigour. Relearn how to let your mind run free, unrestrained and light-hearted. Our flower remedy helps you revive the energy and creativity you need to be dynamic and powerful.
Clarity 18 Pack
See the bigger picture and have a clear understanding of where you want to be and what will get you there. Clarity is the reawakening of our senses to find the insightful way ahead, removing the mental clouds that blur our vision. It brings a spirit of purpose, a better understanding of ourselves and the comfort of being in control. Take our specially designed flower essences to help free you from confusion and see your life in focus.
Serenity 18 Pack
Serenity is like the sound of the waves. It washes over us and brings a deep-rooted impression of calm and stillness. It slows our racing mind and brings us peace so that we can glide through life’s challenges, protected and strong. We float above our worries and difficulties, allowing insight into solving them rather than becoming entangled. Our flower essence wraps you in the warm blanket of tranquillity and acceptance.
Sweet Dream 18 Pack
They call it beauty sleep for a reason; sleep restores our brain, body and skin and helps boost our vitality. It is essential for our health and mental wellbeing, but sometimes counting sheep just doesn’t cut it. Our gentle, soothing flower remedy helps you float into a honeyed dream state of restful and restorative sleep