Water is life


We are water. It sustains us on so many levels.
The energy of water is physical, emotional, mental and spiritual;
it feeds and replenishes our bodies and our souls.

We have to drink water. Drinking enough water each day is proven to significantly improve our health.  Have you ever been dehydrated? It’s awful. Make sure you drink enough water.

But there’s so much more to water than just keeping our bodies moving. Our bodies work on energy. Our bodies are also about 70% water. So it’s easy to understand that water carries energy. Good water energy makes us feel strong; bad water energy makes us feel weak.

Water and emotions also have a unique and interesting relationship. Ever wonder why kids love to play in water? Why we think of Jacuzzis as a relaxing treat? Why, when we are in a beautiful, natural setting we feel powerful and energetic?

Even a morning shower can wake us up and help us feel fresh and alert. Water energy can be relaxing, naturally purifying, invigorating, soothing and fun all at the same time; it makes us feel good. Water is so special that it is often used to describe paradise. Even researchers around the world are delving more and more into its powers and qualities and how we can use its energy to benefit all living creatures. There is so much more for all of us to learn about water. Being conscious of the quality of the water energy around us is critical to maintaining a healthy, balanced life.