Connecting with Nature

By Stacy Fassberg

Written By: Sabina Pettitt, founder of Pacific Essences

This article was originally published on True Blue Spirit Magazine!magazine/jph1q

Nature is patient and waits for us to notice her abundance. My connection with Nature has been a slow and gentle awakening.

My father taught me to love Nature. He was always more present when we were on summer holidays on a lake in Northern Ontario. But what I remember with even greater love and respect was how he would get a piece of land together and instruct the architect to design the building around the trees that were already part of the landscape. Not for him to clear cut and mow down trees that had been growing for 20 or 30 years in order to make way for steel and concrete.

When Michael and I decided to leave our careers and survive on five acres in the 70s, it was not five acres but twenty-five acres and it was not survival it was full on production. We had two 100 foot greenhouses in which we grew all our own seedlings for the tomatoes, eggplants and peppers we grew on the land. We also grew bedding plants that all had to be ready for the May 24th holiday week- end so that Ontarians could plant their gardens. Planting the seeds in February we tended these beings until they began to flower and went to market in May.

Every day there was something new to observe as each tiny seed manifested its potential. Sweet Williams that looked like little girls’ party dresses. Lobelia in the most amazing shades of blue and purple, colours that I have never seen duplicated on any computer screen. Alyssum in pink and white and purple, with a fragrance that welcomed you as soon as you opened the greenhouse door.

And it was while we were experimenting as farmers that the Findhorn books dropped off a shelf in a bookstore and gave us the notion of plant spirits or devas and the possibility of communicating with them. And so we did.

I am not sure how because anything we read about Findhorn certainly did not read like “Talking to Nature for Dummies” or “Communicating with Nature 101.” But somehow through the inspiration of these three adults, Peter and Eileen Caddy and Dorothy Mclean we began our own experiments with the devas and plant spirits and, yes, even the machinery devas. In fact our biggest laugh was Michael getting the tractor to work by communicating with its deva.

In those days we were avidly pursuing a deeper connection with nature and an expansion of our own consciousness and their experiment in the north of Scotland on a barren and wind- swept coast where they were “growing 40 pound cabbages and 8 foot delphiniums” was indeed food for our souls.

“One radiant energy pervades and gives rise to all of life. While it may speak to us through plants, nature spirits, or the human beings with whom we share life on this planet, all are reflections of the deeper reality behind and within them.”

From “The Findhorn Garden”

The first Findhorn book had a beautiful golden cover with a tree on it. This image was shimmering and luminescent and I began to appreciate that this is how I perceived nature most of the time. But my programmed mind did not allow this vision.


The move to Vancouver Island, however, was like some kind of homecoming. The colours and energy of the west coast spoke to us in a way we had not previously experienced and we soaked it up with gratitude.


Following our move to Vancouver Island, the call to make flower essences was irresistible. It began as a fun thing to do while on camping trips and turned into this international adventure where today people in Brazil and Japan and Germany are using our plant vibrations for healing.


What was astonishing was what I seemed to already know about these plants. So while we did research using kinesiology and provings to determine what each plant could be used for and even had others do some independent testing with electro acupuncture instruments to confirm meridians and chakras, the fact remained Connecting with Nature that the plants seemed to be communicating their gifts and intentions directly to us.


Imagine my surprise when I sat down in 1999 to edit a second edition of “Energy Medicine – Healing from the Kingdom of Nature” and wanting to provide more information about each of the plants, I found myself writing their messages. Take the one from Fairy Bell for example...


“Let me show you the incredible lightness of being. Let me light your way. Let me guide you with my bells. Let me lead you on the path of Light. Discard your heavy feelings. Discard your murky thoughts. Come with me and dance the steps of life.”


Where did that come from? And then there is the story about Forsythia and how I had known that its purpose is to transform addictive behaviours. Years later I was surprised and delighted to discover the same plant in my Chinese medicine pharmacopoeia being used herbally for similar detoxification.


While I often felt extremely insecure about what I was doing, the confirmation kept coming and eventually I just had to let go and trust.


Notwithstanding other people’s explanations of how I might have access to this information, essentially I just kept doing what made me happy. And what has been birthed by this simple act of trust and joy is truly magnificent. Apart from the healing that these amazing beings (the Nature Spirits) have effected, I truly appreciate each one of these essences as conscious energies who are here on the planet to fulfill their own highest purpose. A Garry Oak does not try to be a Bluebell or vice versa. Each has its unique mission and is 100% willing to fulfill its purpose.


So much of our human time is spent living vicariously through reality TV shows and video games. So when people ask me about my journey connecting with nature or how Pacific Essences® has accomplished such global recognition, I suggest they spend some time hanging out with a tree or a flower and just breathe in the life force and notice what comes up for them.


And imagine their surprise and delight when they discover that they too can connect with Nature.


This article was originally published on True Blue Spirit Magazine!magazine/jph1q