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Love 30 Pack
Co-created by hand to help you feel the presence of love and ignite the divine spark in your heart. Love harnesses the subtle powers of Snowberry for being in the moment, Easter Lily for nurturing the heart, and Lily of the Valley for simplicity and innocence.
Happiness 30 Pack
Feel the joy of being in the here and now supported by Rose for unbridled laughter, Purple Magnolia for enlivening the senses, and Snowdrop for delight, enthusiasm and joyful exploration.
Sweet Dreams 30-Pack
Drift into a peaceful, replenishing sleep. Good Sleep is one of the most important aspects of life and good health. The Sweet Dreams formula sets the perfect foundation of a deep, restful, restorative night of sleep. True holistic sleeping experience. Try the essence of Narcissus to dispel worry and overthinking, Grape Hyacinth to promote calm, and Windflower for grounding and a deep sense of inner security.
Clarity 30 Pack
Handcrafted to help your sense of focus. The flower essences used in Clarity include Blue Camas to support optimal use of both the intuitive and rational parts of our brain, Blue Lupin to help us prioritise and focus on what is important and Ox-Eye Daisy to help you see the big picture.
Rejuvenation 30 Pack
Handcrafted to help you feel alive and ready for anything. The flower essences used in Rejuvenate include Fuchsia for a sense of fun and joy, Snowdrop for willpower and determination and Goatsbeard to strengthen your creativity.
Serenity 30 Pack
Handcrafted to help you feel at peace and tranquil. The flower essences used in Serenity include Wallflower for improved sharing and communication, Twin Flower which promotes compassion for yourself and others and Silver Birch for feelings of flexibility and understanding