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Flower Power formuala: Snowberry - Easter Lily - Lily of the Vally Natural Flavour: Lychee-Rose Product Experience Description +/- : Co-created by hand to help you feel the presence of love and ignite the divine spark in your heart. Love harnesses the subtle powers of Snowberry for being in the moment, Easter Lily for nurturing the heart, and Lily of the Valley for simplicity and innocence. Product Information +/- :  18 Conscious Drinks (CW-Drinks) Each serving formulated for 330-600ml any water you like - Drink Still Sparkling Hot or Cold Safe for all ages and up to 6 servings per 24 hours Suitable for Diabetic Standard delivery time 5-9 days Free Shipping from 50 Pounds - see on check out 15 Calories per drink No artificial coloring or preservatives Any question? Please ask here Sustainability at Conscious Water - link to page
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